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Learn more about all implemented summer COVID-19 protocols. 

Summer hiking trails will be open at Big White from Friday, July 10 through until Labour Day Monday, September 7. Enjoy the fresh mountain air, take in the breathtaking views and connect with nature. Grab a trail map before you leave and follow the Inuksuit from the trailhead which mark the on-mountain routes - just be sure to stay on the trails! 

Please note that weather conditions can change quickly in the alpine and you can experience anything from snow to very warm conditions while on the mountain. Be prepared with the right footwear, water, insect repellant and sunscreen. Read more about summer safety here. 

Summer hiking trail map: Download pdf

Big White summer hiking map 2020

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Hiking Trail Guide

Summer trails

Rhonda Lake Trail

Trail Information - This is a great trail for those who want incredible views of Rhonda Lake, which is entirely hidden by snow in the winter. It’s one of our more shaded walks, with our Englemann spruce and lodgepole pine forest lining the trail. It also has some great spots for stopping and setting up a picnic with a view.

The trail is a single-track trail with some small log and rock hop crossings. You can take the Bullet chair up to the top of this trail and hike down towards the lake, or hike up the trail through the beautiful trees.

When you reach Rhonda Lake, at the base of the Cliff bowl, you can take a stroll around the lake and enjoy the tranquility while marvelling at the spectacular cliffs that loom above you, admiring where we ski in the winter.

Approx. Hiking Time: Allow 1hr (one way)
Distance: 4.5km
Level: Intermediate
Elevation Gain/Loss: 456m
Slope: Max 42% Avg 12.1%


Summer trails

Peak Trail

Trail Information - If you’re on a mission to reach the highest peak, this is the hike for you! Take the Bullet Chair up, or hike up the Rhonda Lake Trail or the Falcon Ridge Trail to reach this path.

With open views and few trees, the ever-changing colours of this beautiful alpine meadow are on show as you enjoy the walk to the peak. This single-track trail is a steady climb up with a few switchbacks early on. Then, following the Cliff Bowl rim, enjoy spectacular views down onto Rhonda Lake as well as out over the Monashee Ranges.

Follow this trail all the way to the rock cairn at the top and enjoy the views of the mountains, Christian Valley, and the Okanagan Valley. Due to minimal trees for shade, make sure to take some water and a hat!

Approx. Hiking Time: Allow 45min return
Distance: 1km (loop)
Level: Intermediate
Elevation Gain/Loss: 166m
Slope: Max 49.5% Avg 16.6%


Summer trails

Falcon Ridge

Trail Information - This trail meanders its way up the face of Big White and is perfect for those looking for a longer hike. The steady climb up takes you over some pretty streams where the wildflowers like to grow. See if you can spot the Indian paintbush, Pasque flower and Narrow-leaf hawkweed, to name just a few.

As you climb higher, you’ll notice the trees starting to get smaller as you reach the top - these become our snow ghost trees in the winter! With a small scramble section near the top saddle, the spectacular views will make all your efforts worth it.

If you’re close to the top and you’ve still got some energy, why not add the Jaimeson loop onto your hike? Alternatively, if you’re not into climbing uphill, you can also take the Bullet Chair to the top and walk the Falcon Ridge trail downhill and back to the Village.

Approx. Hiking Time: Allow 2hr (one way)
Distance: 4km
Level: Intermediate
Elevation Gain/Loss: 553m
Slope: Max 40.6% Avg 14.4%


Summer trails

Jaimeson Loop

Trail Information - Enjoying summer, but missing the snow? This short and steep trail might be the trail for you. You’ll likely find the last bits of our winter snowfall, along with the challenge of some scramble sections and rocky terrain. But you’ll be rewarded with extended views all the way out towards Vernon, including Mt Moore, Greystokes Provincial Park, Big White Ecological Park.

Approx. Hiking Time: Allow 30min (loop)
Distance: 0.75km
Level: Hard
Elevation Gain/Loss: 100m
Slope: Max 95.5% Avg 21.9%


Summer trails

Alpine Meadows

Trail Information - See what the snow ghosts look like in the summer! Enjoy a leisurely hike through alpine meadows and sub alpine ‑r forest. Great spot for seeing Whiskey Jacks and Stellar Jays, along with chipmunks. This trail completes a great hiking loop from top of Bullet, to the Peak and back again.

Approx. Hiking Time: Allow 25 minutes
Distance: 0.46km
Level: Intermediate
Elevation Gain/Loss: 18m
Slope: Max 27.4% Avg 9.0%


Summer trails

Suggested Trail Loop

Trail Information - If you have the time and energy for a longer hike, we recommend hiking up Falcon Ridge Trail then down the Rhonda Lake Trail. This is the easiest loop direction to hike and takes you on a wonderful tour of the mountain.

Approx. Hiking Time: Allow 3hrs


Please note that trails may close at any time due to weather conditions. Pay attention to signage and feel free to speak to our hiking patrollers stationed in the Village and at the top of the Bullet Chair if you would like further information or recommendations.


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