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Reindeer Roundup

Looking for a fun way to explore the village? Look no further, this fun family friendly activity, lets you explore the mountain and find artistic hidden reindeer throughout your adventure. Make sure to pick up your Reindeer Roundup map at the concierge desk to help you find all the hidden reindeer located on the Mountain.

About the Reindeer:

This years reindeer is based on nature, drawing inspiration from the adult colouring in books. As you discover each reindeer you will find different animals and habitats being featured.

Why Animals/Habitats?

In world that is ever changing it is more important than ever to be aware of our footprint on the plant. Whenever we enjoy the outdoor we must always be aware of our footprint and remember that we share this plant with some amazing animals. Climate change not only affects ecosystems and species directly, it also interacts with other human stressors such as development. Although some stressors cause only minor impacts when acting alone, their cumulative impact may lead to dramatic ecological changes. Always remember to respect nature and do your bit to leave no trace in nature! These reindeer pay tribute and celebrate all the animals around the world in their natural habitat.

How where they made:

The reindeer are made out of wood. First we found a stencil of a reindeer and traced it our onto some plywood. Once the stencil was made we used a jigsaw to cut out the shape of the reindeer. We then mounted them onto 2x4 wood stakes which allow us to display them around the mountain. Once we had constructed the reindeer we could start painting. This was the fun part! All the reindeer received a white base coat prior to painting, this protects the wood from the elements and makes sure our precious reindeer survive our harsh winter conditions here at Big White. We then started researching adult colouring in books and drew inspiration for our drawings from images found. Choosing multiple animals that share a habitat to combine together. Once the animals where drawn and painted we then got to choose the appropriate back ground to make our animals as at home as possible on their reindeer. We used water base indoor house paint for all of our paintings and to finish them off used a sealant spray. This protects the paint against the elements.

How can I be a part of this in the future?

Love these reindeer and have an idea for next year’s theme, come and tell us we would love your input! Know an artist that would love to paint a collection to get their name our, make sure they contact us. We would love your participation!


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